For your convenience, we compiled a list of 10 companies accepting bitcoins as a payment

Ok, you’ve done it. You’ve bought bitcoins. Why not to use them in your real life now, when you are thinking about new computer or tickets to that lovely beach you saw in Instagram or simply about grabbing a sandwich from a cafe in your neighborhood. As the well-known Bo Derek joked: ‘Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.’ ) It would be difficult to argue that remark living in our ‘material world’.

Consumer tastes and preferences vary considerably from year to year as do the methods of payments. Not so long ago, we used to pay only in cash and now we can not imagine our life without ApplePay or similar apps that help us to make payments more effortless, safe and fast. Next stage of payments development is cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency resolve the problems that electronic payments generally may have, these are an existence of mandatory banks’ confirmation of transactions, conversion of currencies and interest payments. Also there is no need for a warranter who will confirm the solvency of the participants of a deal (blockchainengine.org)

The number of companies accepting bitcoins is more than 100,000 these days. Here are some of the merchants who provide their customers with possibility to pay with bitcoins:

  1. Dell – American privately owned multinational computer technology company
  2. Expedia.com – Online travel booking agency
  3. Subway – Breakfast, Sandwiches, Salads and more
  4. Virgin Galactic - Spaceflight company within the Virgin Group
  5. Gyft - Digital gift card platform
  6. OkCupid – Online dating site
  7. Grass Hill Alpacas – Local farm in Haydenville, MA
  8. Grooveshark – Online music streaming service
  9. RE/MAX London – UK-based franchisee of the global real estate network
  10. Euro Pacific – Major precious metal dealer

Moreover, you can always check the website http://spendbitcoins.com and find there the infrastructure for using bitcoins. The objective of this site can be summarized in the quote: ‘Spending bitcoin should be fast, simple, clear, efficient, and global. Our aim is to allow anyone, anywhere, anytime to be able to use bitcoins as easily as using cash. Even easier.’